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Re: Java: AWT

> >What java version are you using? jdk-shared/static (1.0.2) from non-free,
> >jdk1.1.3 from hamm/non-free, jdk1.x.x from blackdown.org or jdk1.1.4 from
> >Sergey Nikitin? (There are a lot of options, as you can see :)
> I'm running the version from the javac package on the Cheap*Bytes 1.3 discs:
> Kaffe Virtual Machine
> Copyright (c) 1997 T. J. Wilkinson & Associates, London, UK.
> Engine: Just-in-time   Version: 0.71

Oh, you are using kaffe... that's a different story. I never did that
myself but I think you would have to install biss-awt to be able to
use awt java package API.

I would recommend downloading and installing trusted jdk-* packages
from ftp.debian.org/debian/non-free/binary/ . I know that it is much 
slower than kaffe, but at least it is a standard Sun release. 

> >
> >I am running succesfully jdk-shared and jdk1.1.3 from blackdown, but
> >getting exactly the same error every time I try to install jdk1.1.4
> >from Nikitin.
> I wonder if it is a seprate package...?

You mean debian package? Then no. There is a debian package only for

Alex Y.

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