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Re: less than useful dselect/dpkg error msg

On Sat, 15 Nov 1997, Bill Leach wrote:

> Receiving error messages such as the following:
>       Linux# dpkg --configure fvwm2
>        dpkg: error processing fvwm2 (--configure):
>        package fvwm2 is not ready for configuration
>        cannot configure (current status `installed')
>       Errors were encountered while processing:
>        fvwm2
>       Linux#
> are pretty much useless.  This sort of error message reminds
> me of Red Hat's RPM!

Ooooh, that was nasty ;-)

> What causes this sort of information free error message?
> Does dpkg honor the 'hold' status in the status file when it
> is placed there by dselect (that is when dpkg is run manually from the command line)?
I'm not conversant with dpkg internals enough to tell you where that "less
than useful" error message originates. Was the package really on Hold

As far as I can tell, dpkg honors the hold in the status file, unless you
include --force-hold as an option on the command line. (It can't tell
whether dselect put the Hold there, or some editor, but that is another


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