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Re: Make-kpkg (3.28): Problems creating kernel_image

>>"Torsten" == Torsten Hilbrich <Torsten.Hilbrich@bln.de> writes:

Torsten> Let's say I just created a new kernel-image package using
Torsten> make-kpkg --revision 1.1 kernel_image ,

Torsten> accidently removed the ../kernel-image... file and want to
Torsten> recreate it.  If I type the above command I only get a "make:
Torsten> Nothing to be done for `kernel_image'." message.  If I use
Torsten> "make-kpkg clean" before everything works fine but takes some
Torsten> time to rebuild the kernel.

Torsten> Is this an indented behaviour (i.e. to be forced to clean the
Torsten> kernel before) or what am I doing wrong?

	It _is_ intended behaviour, to make sure that nothing is done
 unless it has to be. What you need is to remove the file
 ./stamp-image and re-try make-kpg --revision 1.1 kernel_image.

	make-kpkg-clean removes the file, but also removes other stamp
 files and .o files as well, so everything is re-built.

	Hope this helps, and I apologize for the delay in replying.

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