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RE: libc5 to libc6: purge or install *-dev?

> Your libc5-libc6-Mini-HOWTO.txt saves many people from ruinning their 
> operating systems.  A few changes could save a few more people.  When a
> person 
> ruins zher operating system by badly adding packages from hamm, zhe consumes 
> weeks of time.  You might save tens of people a hundred wasted hours each.

Didn't save me.  I followd the instructions on an old test system here and
STILL managed to blow it up. I was tired and cranky ... got to the part where I
manuall did a dpkg on libc6 ... but it conflicts with libc5 ... (dpkg -i
libc6_2.0.4-1.i386.deb) so without thinking I did a dpkg -r --force depends
libc5 thinking that my next command would be to install libc6 ... there was no
next command on that system.

Believe me, I am spitting nails right now. Since I can not seem to find any way
of installing the new distribution from scratch, only upgrading from stable, I
am more than a little frustrated.  I am reloading the stable base on that
system and am going to upgrade the default installed packages to the versions
on the ftp site and move my dpkg status file from yesterday back to the current
one and hope for the best.  In other words, I am installing base OVER my
current install, will upgrade the base packages back to where they were, move
the status file and hope I am back to where I was before I screwed up.

Seems kind of a chicken and egg problem to me right now but I will get it
sorted out, cant install libc6 'cause it conficts with libc5, can't remove
libc5, I am considering the Kavorkian method of point-and-click system admin at
this point.

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