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Re: MTA Suggestion

Craig Sanders wrote:
> > | preline procmail
> > 
> > isn't all that difficult.
> no it's not difficult. the PITA factor comes in because it has to be
> done for every account.  As i said, i use procmail as the local delivery
> agent - which means that i need a global setting for it, not a per- user
> setting.

Take a look at qmail 1.01-2 (actually, look at qmail-src, which creates that

Using this version, you can edit the /etc/init.d/qmail file to something


I couldhave just put "|preline procmail" there, but my qmail-procmail
script does a few things to return codes that are useful. Here it is:

# This script is used to get qmail to run procmail for every delivery.
# Script by: Philip Hands <phil@hands.com>

/usr/bin/preline /usr/bin/procmail && exit 0
# check if procmail returned EX_TEMPFAIL (75)
[ $? = 75 ] && exit 111
# otherwise return a permanent error
exit 100

see shy jo

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