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Re: SOS - Please help - Disaster struck !!!

On Sat, 15 Nov 1997 08:15:04 +0100 Robert Alexander (bob@inorbit.com) 

> in a fit of abysmal stupidity I manage to break my 1.3.1 system.
> I wanted to upgrade to netbase-netstd 3.0 and FORCED an un-install of
> libreadline2 to install libreadline2g ... now my bash is broken and god
> knows what else ... locked out of home ...
> Only after I discovered the libc5-to-libc6-miniHOWTO ....
> Do I have some chance of rescuing my system ???

Yes. Don't panic.
Put libreadline2 on a floppy, boot with the rescue disk, mount the floppy under /floppy, mount your filesystem hierarchy over /mnt (not just the root filesystem, you have to mount var on /mnt/var, etc...), and just do
	dpkg --root=/mnt --install /floppy/libreadline.deb

I'm not sure that the PATH/LD_LIBRARY_PATH stuff is mandatory (it just tells to look for binaries and libraries on your hard disk), but I tend to believeit won't work without it.

And next time, think twice before using any of the --force options :-)


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