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"upgrading" ncurses packages

I have finally flipped a breaker, and spent the day on up "upgrade" to
glibc/libc6.  This was forced by my own confusion, as well as that,
apparently, of my machine, as to which libraries were to be linked into
xtide2.0.  After the "upgrade" the package compiled ok.  

Most of the package updates went ok, following the suggestions in the
mini-HOWTO of Mr. Ellis, on the list.  The only serious problem I
encountered was with ncurses.  

I wasn't certain whether I had to update ncurses-base, but I tried, and both
that package and ncurses-term refused to upgrade.  Finally, I had to unpack
the control files and have a look at the preinstall script: moving two
directories out of the way seemed to solve the problem: /usr/lib/tabset and

Another think irritated me: I haven't rebooted in a day or two, and have a
healthy desktop built up, when the scripts of the glib6 package told me to
reboot.  Couldn't a warning or at least more information have been given in
advance.  I don't know how many times I have watched a package unpack,
completly, onto the system, and then tell me that due to some conflict, it
was unable to configure.  I guess some of these can't be easily forseen, but
it still leaves the files all over the system.  In fact, in some cases of
libraries, if I'm not wrong, they were still used by the system even though
not "configured".

Alan Davis


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