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Re: JDK 1.1.4 deb

tphan@asl.dl.nec.com (Timothy Phan) writes:

>   Is the JDK 1.1.4 debian package available yet?  Thanks!

Not the "blackdown" port which is being done by Steve Byrne.

There is a Linux JDK 1.1.4 from Sergey Nikitin at ASU:


I haven't tried it though.

I'm pretty hesitant to switch the Debian jdk1.1-* packages from Steve's 
port to Sergey's, since Steve says he is still going to release a 1.1.4
version.  But it's been a while...

I'm in no rush to switch, since the JDK is a pretty ugly thing to
package.  I don't really use the JDK all that much myself, so if somebody
else wants to take it over, they can be my guest.

I'd rather concentrate on getting kaffe working with the kore
libraries (a set of free Java core libs) - so we can get a DFSG-compliant
Java implementation.  Patrick Tullmann is going to release some patches
for kaffe so it can run the kore classes in a few weeks.  Unfortunately,
the kore libraries only implement the JDK 1.0.2 classes for now - but that's
better than nothing, I guess.


 - Jim

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