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Re: Posting to usenet

On Tue, 11 Nov 1997, Trevor Barrie wrote:
> On Wed, 12 Nov 1997, Martin Bialasinski wrote:

> I'm not sure what you mean here... are you just referring to the fact that
> I can't receive e-mail as "tbarrie@drollsden.ibm.net", since "drollden"
> isn't actually known to ibm's nameserver?

> I think it's inews that needs this information rather than trn, since trn
> doesn't do posting on its own... according to the man pages, what I need
> is a fromhost: line in /etc/news/inn.conf. (OTOH, I don't have such a
> file, so I'm wondering if the debian inewsinn package puts the
> configuration file somewhere else. Still, I'll try copying the example
> inn.conf and see if it works.)
The fromhost line will maybe work in your case (a single user), but only
if the username
you use on your local host matches the name you have at the isp you chose
at the fromhost line.

Take this setup:

You receive your mail at foo@bar.com
Your wife (or whoever else) receives mail at bar@buzz.org

So a single fromhost line in inn.conf won't do it. I think you use it, if
you have a permanently connected server and its name is foo.bar.com,
but you want the fromline to appear as user@bar.com (of cause only works
if you have a appropriate MX record at your DNS server).

So every news and email client has a way to change the from line used for
mails/postings. This is the way to go.

> Okay, dnsdomainname now returns "ibm.net", and trn failed to produce any
> errors when I did a test post. I forgot to take care of the fromhost
> thing, so my test post probably went out as "tbarrie@drollsden.ibm.net",
> but that shouldn't be too hard to correct.
You have of cause used the newsgroup test, so it doesn't matter this time.


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