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Re: [Q] source package building

On 12 Nov, Aaron Denney let loose with:
> In article <debian-user.87yb2u9e54.fsfjgh@dhh.gt.org>, john@dhh.gt.org wrote:
>> Santiago Vila Doncel writes:
>> > That extra step does often take just a little more time. The build takes
>> > often much more time. *.deb files have an internal structure that only
>> > dpkg knows about. I'm not sure what you want to achieve.
>> I thought he was fairly clear.  He wants 'make install' to create a binary
>> package and then install it without manual intervention.  Sounds sensible
>> to me.
> Close, but not quite.  I would like 'make install' or similar to build
> the programs, configuration files, pre/postinst scripts, and then install
> them, _without_ actually building a .deb binary package file, but still
> modifying dpkg's view of what is installed.
> It just seems silly to pack everything into a .deb file and then have
> dpkg unpack it to install it.  Certainly just going ahead and having it
> build the binary package and then installing that is feasible, and even
> fairly easily automatable, but it looks like an unnecessary step.

I think this is so because it is desirable (for many reasons) to keep
pristine sources and binaries separate. Perhaps unnecessary for the present case, but think in terms of having
to reinstall... or wanting to duplicate your install on another system.

Just my take on it...
- Tim 

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