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Re: installing a library

clif smith <casmity@alt.net> writes:

> I would like to know how to install a library, "lmlib 0.5.2" for use with
> Enlightenment desktop. It has its own install function but I need to know
> where to install it from. Like where is the best place to gunzip/tar files
> in, like "c:\temp" in DOS. If and after an install what files there can be
> deleted, etc.

I use /tmp for short-term file (will be deleted upon the next reboot)
and /var/tmp for longer, but still temporary storage.

> Also, when I try to install it I get a message saying I'm missing convert
> in /bin/sh. It also seems to want "make" and I'm sure that's installed ;)
> Thanks,

Install the imagemagick package, it contains convert.  You need also
to adjust the location for convert from /usr/bin to /usr/X11R6/bin
somewhere in the Makefile.


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