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Re: Trouble with dselect

On Wed, 12 Nov 1997, Jim Kennedy wrote:

> The dselect program is having trouble seeing the packages for
> installation; I put them in a directory named "install" on the c drive,
> and also copied the "packages" file into the same directory. Only 20 or
> so packages come up in the screen for selection. How can i get dselect
> to see all the packages that are there?

Well, the packages file is constructed for an archive directory structure
that you have not duplicated. If you have all of the .deb files in one
directory, and you wish to install them all, you can do this with
something like:

	dpkg -iR /pathtopackages/*.deb

(It may work without the *.deb, but I have never actually tried it this
way, so you may need to experiment with the proper command line.)


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