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Re: Where to nice fetching mail?

David Morris writes:
> I have a cron job that runs every half an hour to grab my waiting email
> and whatever usenet messages are applicable for the groups I am reading.
> The trouble is that once it starts the system load increases rapidly (to
> anywhere from 3 to 5) and causes any other process I am running to stall
> until it has finished its course. 
> It is beginning to frustrate me. I know the simple solution is to buy more
> RAM but with my computer budget basically in negative figures when it
> comes to my wife's point of view I need to explore any other options
> first.
> I was wondering the other day if it was possible to reduce the paralyzing
> load by nicing the process somewhere, but I have doubts and am wondering

try "renice" ('man renice' - for more details)

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