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Re: Update: mounting MS-DOS fs onto Linux

> >> One possible unconfirmed cause (Okay, a guess)  Is the Win95 
> partition
> >> OSR2?  (Fat32?)  To my knoweldge, the vfat filesystem doesn't yet
> >> support the alterations made by OSR2.
> >> 
> >> Matt
> >
> >I have a bleeding-edge Windows95 OSR2 installation (October1997 OEM)
> >and (Debian) Linux reads it fine as vfat.  It isn't FAT32; that's
> >something else again, not dependent, I believe, on OSR2.
> >
> >--Pete

> Were you able to "mount -t vfat /dev/hda1 /mnt"
> your Win95 partition without any special work?

Yes, exactly.

> [Eg, I am assuming you *do not* run mkfs over
> the Win95 partition.]



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