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Re: MTA Suggestion

> i couldn't even get it
> to use procmail as the local delivery agent instead of qmail-local

Change ./Mailbox to '|preline procmail' in the qmail-start invocation.

> qmail might be excellent at what it does but it's incompatible with
> /var/spool/mail.

qmail can run binmail as the delivery agent the same way sendmail does.

Of course, I don't recommend this, since many systems have insecure
versions of binmail. See, for example, CERT advisory 95:02.

> it's anti spam features don't seem as good as Claus Assman's check_*
> rules for sendmail 8.8.x

By default, qmail refuses SMTP mail not addressed to the local host. You
can selectively allow relaying from particular IP blocks; see FAQ 5.4.

> debian has managed to produce an NFS safe locking library,

That is incorrect. Debian mailbox locking will fail under high loads.

libfilelock_0.1-2, like every other dot-locking library with stale lock
removal, requires that clients actively refresh locks within a specified
period of real time. Unfortunately, UNIX is not a real-time system.

Example: The delivery agent is about to write the last block of a
message to a mailbox that it has ``safely'' locked. The write takes ten
minutes to get through to the server. Meanwhile, an MUA on the server
sees the ``stale'' lock file, removes it, and reads the mailbox---with a
truncated message. Oops.

Reliability means never having to say you're sorry.

> there's also the 'minor' problem that only a few MUAs (i don't know of
> one except for qmail-popper) will work with qmail's new maildir format.

maildir is an _option_ in qmail and mutt and exim. It is not the
default; if you don't want it, don't use it.

I find it very strange that you refer to this as a ``problem.''

> and any site running an automounter daemon for user home
> directories would be overloaded by qmail insisting on delivering mail to ~

By default, sendmail looks for .forward in the user's home directory.
Either you suffer through automounting or you have unreliable .forward

Of course, you can move .forward somewhere else---but the same is true
of .qmail and Mailbox.

> in summary, i think that his reasons for doing things the way he does
> are, for the most part, ill-informed opinion and bigotry.

Security and reliability are not matters of opinion.

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