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Re: Setting volume size for dump

My apologies to Claus-Justus and Jens: the attribution was incorrect in
the previous reply (because I accidentally hit the send key too early ;-)

On 11 Nov 1997, Claus-Justus Heine wrote:

> "Jens B. Jorgensen" <jjorgens@bdsinc.com> writes:
> > Claus-Justus Heine wrote:
> > > 
> > > So does this mean that "SETMARKS" are kind of "second level" file
> > > marks? I'm just curious what these things are. There is no real need
> > > for me to know it, I'm just curious.
> > > 
> > 
> > I'm not sure how they're physically done. I didn't even know of them
> > until I started I started writing my backup script. I just saw this
> > from the mt man page on our HPUX box:
> > 
> >            smk       Write count setmarks (DDS drives only).
> > 
> >            fss       Forward space count setmarks (DDS drives only).
> > 
> >            bss       Backward space count setmarks (DDS drives only).
> Mmmh. This suggests that these are just anotehr kind of file marks?
The following is from a SCSI-2 standard draft:

"  A setmark is another type of special recorded element containing no 
user data, providing a segmentation scheme hierarchically superior to
filemarks. This level of segmentation is useful for some high capacity
storage devices to provide concise addressing and fast positioning to
specific sets of data within a partition.  In some implementations, the
detection and reporting of setmarks may be controlled by the initiator
using the MODE SELECT command."


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