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Re: ps/2 mouse don't work on ps/2 driver

Wee-Min Chan <wmchan@iastate.edu> writes:

> I'm using a mitsumi ps/2 mouse. It won't work on the ps/2 mouse driver =
> provided by Debian's Linux. What's wrong?
> When I start Linux... it reported that it has detected a ps/2 mouse. But 
> after running gpm I can't see my mouse cursor. I've heard that there 
> should be a mouse cursor even in text mode is it true?

After getting the kernel to recognise the mouse, you need to configure
gpm with gpmconfig (and X11) to see it.  The device should be
/dev/psaux and the mouse type should be "ps2".

You might need to run "/dev/MAKEDEV psaux".

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