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Re: Network audio system

>>>>> "Bill" == Bill Moran <bill@ist.flinders.edu.au> writes:

Bill> Fatal server error could not create audio connection block info

This means that when the NAS tried to start the audio server, it
died. Most likley, your kernel does not support sound, at least not in
the way that the NAS server expects it to.

In order to support sound, you need to compile a kernel with specific
options matching the sound hardware on your machine. The standard
kernels does not have these options set.

Recompiling the kernel isn't that difficult, but you should probably
use a second or two to consider whether you need sound that badly and
whether your laptop has supported sound hardware. 

The only effect you get by not having NAS working is that you will not
be able to use the NAS tools (such as `auplay' and `aurecord'). 

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