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New version of Packaging HOWTO

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I've made a draft of my revised Packaging howto available at

I don't consider it anywhere near complete yet, but in light of the recent
discussion on debian-devol, I'm making it available for public comment.

The objective is to give new maintainers an easy introduction to creating
a package with deb-make.

I'm looking for suggestions and criticism on first and foremost technical
details.  (Have I got any facts wrong?  Is a feature not explained
clearly?) Also on language. (Is it grammatically correct?  Have i used any
phrases which might be hard for a non-native English speaker to
understand?) And on any omissions I might have made. If you have any tips
or insights which you think might make useful additions, please pass those
on too. 

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar@braincells.com>

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