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Re: MTA Suggestion

On 10 Nov, Craig Sanders let loose with:
> On Sat, 8 Nov 1997, Jason Costomiris wrote:
>> I nominate qmail + tcpserver/tcpcontrol.  I'm in the process of
>> converting all of my boxes to it.  Very nice, easy to control
>> relaying/spam, and FAST.
> no way!
> qmail might be excellent at what it does but it's incompatible with
> /var/spool/mail. the one time i installed it, i couldn't even get it
> to use procmail as the local delivery agent instead of qmail-local
> (putting a .qmail file in every home directory is NOT a viable option,
> i want procmail as THE local delivery agent). i didn't spend much time
> on it though - reading the docs and faqs etc just made me angry at the
> author's arrogant attitude.
> there's also the 'minor' problem that only a few MUAs (i don't know of
> one except for qmail-popper) will work with qmail's new maildir format.

Actually this is not entirely true... You can set up qmail to use mbox
files - but as you point out, the author strongly discourages this. NFS
issues aside, I do not care much for maildir.

> but the biggest problem with qmail is the author's attitude. 

The sad thing is that it is often difficult for most people to separate
genuine issues from personal crusades...

> finally, qmail is non-free. debian CAN'T use it as the default MTA.

Why is it non-free?

Anyhow, I will stick with sendmail, despite its complexity - it is a
known quantity and does what *I* like... ;-)

- Tim 

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