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PROBLEM with install. of Xfree86v3.3.1 in a 1.3r6 Debian

It's funny, I followed step by step the instructions to install
Xfree86 3.3.1 (X11R6) in my Debian Linux OS (1.3 release 6, kernel
version 2.0.29) in a AMD486SX2-66Mhz based computer and the
installation was interrupted just in the beguining, when I was trying
to run preinst.sh.

First of all I downloaded all the necessary files to make the
installation by FTP with my Win95.
Then I mounted my half win95 d: drive and made a copy of all files to
/var/tmp Then in /usr/X11R6 I typed sh /var/tmp/preinst.sh And finally
I had the message:

/var/tmp/preinst.sh :file :command not found
You appear to have an a.out system.
a.out binaries are not aviable for this release

Well, I am completely lost. As I know the Debian 1.3 don't use a.out
files anymore. It's maybe a bourne bash problem, but the one that
comes with 1.3 is quite new and good. I am really needing some help.
Thanks, CPC

Carlos Potiara CASTRO.
Paris, devant l'aérien.
E-mail: pcastro@club-internet.fr

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