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Re: why the different liloconfig?

Ken Deboy <glockr@locked_and_loaded.reno.nv.us> writes:

> I just installed a base Debian system from floppies on a machine that
> shares MS-DOS. When I run liloconfig, the only options it gives me are 
> to boot the "other" OS (MSDOS in my case) or Linux by default.


You will probably need to edit /etc/lilo.conf yourself.  First, make
sure you have a boot disk so you can get Linux going again if
something doesn't work.

Now, run liloconfig again and tell it to boot Linux.  Then edit
/etc/lilo.conf.  Add the line "prompt" before the first "image=" line,
the at the end put something like:


Where /dev/hda4 is where DOS is.  (DOS fdisk calls /dev/hda4 partition
1 in my experience, which is why I have that there.)  Save it and
finally run lilo to install it again, then test it because I haven't.

Now read `man lilo' and the docs in /usr/doc/lilo/ and work out what I
told you to do.

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