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why the different liloconfig?

I just installed a base Debian system from floppies on a machine that
shares MS-DOS. When I run liloconfig, the only options it gives me are 
to boot the "other" OS (MSDOS in my case) or Linux by default. The first 
time I set it to boot Linux by default and found I couldn't get it to
boot MS-DOS. So I re-ran liloconfig and set it to boot DOS by default.
So now 
if I want Linux I have to remember to press the shift key while it
then 3 at the "1234F:" prompt. What I really want is to just turn the
on then have LILO give me a choice of which OS to boot and booting a
if I don't respond after a certain time like my RedHat system did (the
version of liloconfig they have offers options like this). Can you
please tell me how
to set up lilo to do this under Debian? Thank you.

Ken Deboy

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