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Installation don't work

I have a laptop , AWARD 486 dx33 , 4MB ram ,IDE HDD ,ISA bus 
and I obtained Debian 1.3.1 (or just 1.3). When I boot (i boot from floppys) it does the normal procedure until it reaches line
RAMDISK:compressed image found at block 0
and it stops here and doesn't move anywhere.
I've been asking around and ppl who have linux told me that i should change the boot floppy coz it's probably it ... but this same floppy works perfectly on my dad's laptop so that's not the problem . 
I asked one guy and he told me that he had the same problem and this is how he described it: 
"My understanding of what this message means is the kernel,which is stored as a compressed file is decompressed onto a RAM disk at boot time and for some reason the decompression isn't working. I was told that at this point you are dead in the water" .
I can't believe that there's nothing to be done ... so I ask if anyone knows what this is and how can it be solved please help me
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