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xfree86 and ttyp1 from :0

Hi, everyone --

a quick sanity check: I have noticed that after using X-windows as a
user and getting back out of the X and logging off completely, my next
login message reads that the last  login as a user xxx was "from ttyp1
from :0". This doesn't happen if I'm only using console mode and log in
and out (the message then says "Last login  ... on tty1")
I haven't noticed this before and I'm wondering if this is noremal?
I _think_ that the time it takes for window manager to start up is
somewhat longer as well - but I am not sure...
I'm running 'stock' debian 1.3 with Xfree86 v3.3-4 and xserver-mach64,
still using all libc5 programs... This seems to have started after one
big Netscape4.03 crash that killed my entire X-window process; but I
have reinstalled all x-related packages since...


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