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Installation of Adaed.tar.z

I have linux in my Pc and I started to study ADA for an informatical cours
of Algorithmics and Programmation.
I have Adaed.tar.z in a cdrom I bought with Le Grand Livre Linux by Micro
Application (Data Becker GMBH & Co KG) 1997 and I began to learn step by step.
When I go to README in /cdrom/devel/lang/ada I find:"go to /usr and untar
the file (" adaed.tar.z"). This file give you these files:..." 
My question is : What I have to do to make this?

I copy and  wrote in vi an exemple.ada, When I will have the installation:
How I will call ADA?

Waiting your answers in renato.barrios@intelcom.fr

I look forward hearing for you.

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