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Re: Setting volume size for dump

Claus-Justus Heine wrote:
> > Now all you need is a good script which will do a full dump and then put
> > incrementals after it on the same tape, right? Of course! I'm sending you
> > my perl backup script (which backs up *multiple* machines) via direct email
> > anyone else who's interested can have it to. My backup script has the
> Well, why not? If you think it worth the effort you could also up-load
> it to sunsite.

I don't think it's polished enough. 
> > following features: labels tapes with it's own special header so it won't
> > overwrite tapes you accidentally left in the drive, will put multiple
> > backups on a single tape, and can recover from "missed" backups (because you
> > forgot to take that other tape out of the drive), keeps a "directory" of
> > what backups are on the tape. You'll probably have to modify it because I
> > take advantage of the "mark" capability of 4mm DAT tapes which aren't available
> > on QIC. You may find it useful all the same.
> Aren't these marks simply "file marks"? (just asking, I know that
> there are thos MTFSS/BSS/WSM tape operations, are these effectively
> different from the MTFSF/BSF/WEOF operations?)

Yeah, it's a different beast. Trust, me, I can tell mt to find a mark
and it'll
skip over all kinds of file marks.

Jens B. Jorgensen

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