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Setting volume size for dump

Thank you for the reactions to my enquiry about efficient backup programs.

I have overlooked dump and am trying it out now.  What I do not seem to
get right is setting the volume size.  While using dump like this:
dump 0uf /dev/nzqft0 /     it does a backup, but says it requires 11
tapes asking every now and then for the next volume.

I tried dump B 1796 0uf /dev/nzqft0 / and dump -s 108700 0uf /dev/nzqft0 /
but in both cases dump complains and does not accept the parameters.

A dump on /dev/rmt8 results in a large file with the name /dev/rmt8 taking
all the free space on my hard disk.  

My questions : 
1. How can I tel dump to use all the available capacity on my tape?
2. How can I change dump's default device to /dev/nzqft0? 
3. In setting the volume size, how can I correctly bring the compression
factor of using zftape into account?


Johann Spies

Windsorlaan 19
Suid Afrika (South Africa)
Tel/Faks Nr. +27 331-46-1310

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