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Re: Opera Web Browser (with an html address...)

In article <Pine.LNX.3.96.971107060304.629A-100000@fenun.icemark.ch> you write:
>Arena is rather crash prone, and since Yggdrasil took over development, I
>haven't heard much about newer releases of it.

They make a new developer release about once a week, though I haven't
tried one in a long time.  See <ftp://ftp.yggdrasil.com/pub/dist/web/arena/>.

>Mosaic is over-aged now, and shows no further progress. 

Try <http://sig.enst.fr/~dauphin/mMosaic/>.

>Opera might be commercial software, but at least it's there on one
>platform and there it is a real alternative to Netscape. I hope they
>proceed to make a Linux conversion.

I don't have any reason to want a commercial alternative to
Netscape on Linux, which works quite well.  Not that I would mind
an Opera port -- I just wouldn't use it and I certainly won't
give them any money.

>I think, that about wraps it up.

There's also Chimera <http://www.unlv.edu/chimera/> and Gzilla
Mike Linksvayer   http://www.au.com/ml/

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