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Re: Linux and Power Computing machine

On  6 Nov, Karl let loose with:
> Hello!, I am working at my high school to set up a web server.  The hardware
> we have available is a power computing 180 running Mac os8.  I run debian on
> my Pentium at home, and would like to install it to run the web server
> (hopefully apache) and the 180 at school.  I had tried to get ppclinux to
> run, but apparently the machine doesn't have openfirmware so I could not go
> that route.  So then I tried mklinux, but that won't work either because the
> machine uses ide not the typical scsi disks and I was unable to install
> mklinux.  Does anyone know of a way to install any type of linux
> distribution on this box, a Power Computing 180??
> Any help would be appreciated,
> Thanks
> -km

Have you tried using the Red Hat installer? Here is a link to a page
that may shed more light on this (as well as a few others I found) 


let me know how things turn out...

C Ya!

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