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[SOLVED] unable to start PCMCIA service

Brian Mays wrote:

> ...
> type `debian/rules build-modules'.  This should build a new
> pcmcia-modules-2.0.30 package in the parent directory

this have built no new *.deb file - but the created modules (after
copying them to the right place) are working fine!

some other things happend which i don't understand till now:
e.g. the:
>    select option 1 -- "Read from the currently running kernel."
says that APM and PCI is disabled - what is a discrepancy to my .config
file from the kernel source - so i don't know where my currently running
kernel is really from!

but - whatever - it works!

so, thanks to everybody for great assistence!
have a nice day!
bye - hb!

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