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NIS being funny

Ok I've got another NIS question.   My client machines, I don't rember what
they are called but I know they are not servers and they are not slaves,
for some reason have the wrong password map.   Basically when I do a 
ypcat passwd I get logins like adm and root in there, I have the server
setup to export only UIDs greater than 1000.  Anyone know why.  

A realated question.  I have the NFS ugidd and its friends running on
both the client and server.  Every once in a while, it dosent seem to happen
at regular intervals but it does happen more than once a day sometimes,
the ownerships for the home directories on the client machine go bad, they
go to nobody nogroup.

Well thats the list of questions for now.   Thanks for all the help.
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