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tty uses only bottom line of screen

Several times I have had it happen that after running (and quitting) top
on one of my virtual terminals, the terminal then uses only the bottom
line of the screen.  Everything seems to work all right, because I can
type commands and login and logout just fine except for the fact that all
output is restricted to the bottom line.  When the terminal is in this
state, top will run and use the entire screen, but it redraws in a strange
way--quite a bit of flickering and blinking at the top of the screen
during each redraw/update.

FWIW, this only seems to happen after my computer has been up for a
while--a day or two.  I am running Debian 1.3 and kernel 2.0.30.  And I
have tried killing all the process on the offending tty, but the problem
still persists.

Anyone else seen this quirk?  Any ideas on how to fix it?  I would like to
be able to fix it without rebooting ( it must be possible :-) )

Thanks for your help.


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