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Re: URGENT: Diald connection problem

On Wed, 05 Nov 1997 22:25:14 +0100 Michael Legart (michael-legart@jensen.com) wrote:

> Before I had a diskcrash and hat to reinstall my linux, the ppp connection
> worked fine with diald. 
> How do I get the diald connect script installed again? It was really messed
> up, and I wanted to reinstalled the default one, so I deleted it. My
> problem now is, that the script doesn't get installed againt, when i
> install the diald package.

Yeah, it's because it's a conffile, and dpkg assumes that if you deleted it you had a good reason. It will however ask the next time it installs diald if the provided version has changed.
To get it back:
 1) Copy all the configuration files of diald to a safe place.
 2) Purge the diald package (removing it won't do it).
 3) Reinstall the diald package.
 4) Restore your conffiles.
You'll find the default connect script in /etc/diald/connect.


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