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Re: nis

I Brake for Moths wrote:
> Hello,
> I just converted a Solaris x86 machine to Debian, and I'm having trouble
> getting nis to work the way it used to.  My home area is on a remote
> machine, and I would like it to be mounted when I log in.  I AM able to
> log in via nis, so that much is working.
> Under Solaris I used the files /etc/auto_home and /etc/auto_master and
> /etc/vfstab to enable mounting of my home area, but these files don't
> seem to exist under Debian.  What do I need to do to automatically mount
> my home area on a remote machine?

This is not a function of NIS (though NIS is at times used to distribute
automounter maps). This is done by the automounter. You need to install
the automounter package (called amd, I believe).

You'll then have to configure it. There's ample documentation provided
with the package.

Jens B. Jorgensen

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