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(sendmail || bind) help


	A friend of mine is trying to configure a linux box as a 
mail, web and pop3 server and is having some troubles that over pass
by far my little knowledge on this subject. 
	He is doing the following in /etc/sendmail.cf:



	And in /var/named/named.dom

   IN MX 10 agua.nat.com.br.
   IN  NS   agua.nat.com.br.
agua   IN  A  x.f.r.t


pop   CNAME  agua
smtp  CNAME  agua
www   CNAME  agua

	In the /etc/services, the POP and SMTP lines are enabled.

	In the /etc/inetd.conf the SMTP line is commented and that
with POP isn't.

	From  win95 he does:

 ping pop.nat.com.br  ---OK
 ping smtp.nat.com.br ---OK
 ping www.nat.com.br  ---OK

	He set Netscape in Win95 machine:

   Smtp server -->>>  smtp.nat.com.br
   pop3 server  -->>   pop.nat.com.br
   pop user   --->>   angelo

	And after such configuration, the following message appeared:

" There were a problem with the pop3 server, contact your sysadmin." 

	Could some sendmail || bind guru give us some help, please?
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