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[X Resources] Which Debian packages?

Howdy all!

I've been playing around w/ X Resources - have made xcalc look sweet!
But I now have a rather general question.

How do you determine what values for a resource are valid?
I've used editres to see the resource tree and to even change some
values.  I've used appres to display the resources currently set by
an application.  But is there any way to query an X app for a list
of valid values?  If so, with what program?  From which package?

as an example:

xcalc has a Widget Chain: .xcalc.ti.Command.shapeStyle:
And I know from trial-and-error that "Oval" and "rectangle" are
valid values for that chain.  What other possible values are there?
Can I query the application for a list of those values?


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