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Re: X, S3 server, and #9 Motion 771

On 3 Nov 1997, Dale Martin wrote:

> Christopher Jason Morrone <cmorrone@UDel.Edu> writes:
> > There appears to be a problem in the X3.3 packages.  I have a #9 Motion
> > 771.  I can run XF86Setup, and I can enter all of the setup info.  But
> > then when I click "Done" and it tries to start the server for my card, it
> > dies.
> I'm using a PCI #9 motion 771, 4M VRAM card in the machine I'm writing
> this on.  The version of the package I'm using for the xserver is
> 3.3-4.  I haven't upgraded my X11 stuff to the libc6 versions yet -
> not everything I use has been released for the new libraries.
> Anyways, I'm using the same card with XFree 3.3 with absolutely no
> problems.  I can send you my XF86Config file, if you like.  Obviously,

Yeah, could you mail me your config file?  This is pretty odd that its
locking up my machine when the S3 server starts...I didn't have any
problem with the 3.2 packages.

I've even purged every X package and reinstalled them.  No go.

I've tried both setup methods, and the system always locks when trying to
start the S3 server.

I did get minimal success trying the SVGA server.  I was using XF86Setup,
and when it got to the part where it starts up the SVGA server, the server
started!  I could even swap back to vt's...The only problem was that the
server started up in a wierd mode on the display was really funky.  But I
could make out the standard X grey hash background, and the "X" cursor.

So I'm pretty sure there is just something wrong with the S3 binary in
this X version, or maybe just the Debian package.

I guess I'll just have to go with the SVGA server and hack around a
bunch...can't use xvidtune when the server starts up in a mode so wierd
that I can't see the buttons. :)

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