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Re: X, S3 server, and #9 Motion 771

Christopher Jason Morrone <cmorrone@UDel.Edu> writes:

> There appears to be a problem in the X3.3 packages.  I have a #9 Motion
> 771.  I can run XF86Setup, and I can enter all of the setup info.  But
> then when I click "Done" and it tries to start the server for my card, it
> dies.
> It says "starting server", the screen blanks, it flickers a couple times,
> and then the hard drive stops running and it locks there with the blank
> screen.
> Any ideas?  I had X running just fine with X3.2.  Anyone know if the
> 3.2 packages are still around somewhere?
> Some more info about my system:
> kernel 2.0.27
> #9 FX Motion 771, local bus, with 4 megs of vram
> Eh, thats all, let me know if you need more info.

I'm using a PCI #9 motion 771, 4M VRAM card in the machine I'm writing
this on.  The version of the package I'm using for the xserver is
3.3-4.  I haven't upgraded my X11 stuff to the libc6 versions yet -
not everything I use has been released for the new libraries.

Anyways, I'm using the same card with XFree 3.3 with absolutely no
problems.  I can send you my XF86Config file, if you like.  Obviously,
how useful it is to you might depend on the monitor you're using,
and/or the mouse you use.

I've never had any luck with XFSetup, btw.  I still use the old script
to set up X, and hack the XF86Config file myself.  Call me an old
timer or something, but I find that method just as easy as the GUI
setup, particulary because I can't ever seem to get my mouse working
in the GUI setup.


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