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xplaycd works without sound output


Debian 1.3.1
Pentium II (Gateway2000 G6-266)
Esoniq Sound/PCI Wavetable sound card
Mitsium CDROM

1. xplaycd works only in the root account.
2. In a user account xplaycd cannot access the CDROM. It always wants 
to access '/dev/cdrom'. The system always complains 'Permission 
3. No sound.

Ching-Hua Ting

Department of Automatic Control     Intercom: 22362, 22363, 25611
and Systems Engineering             In UK: (0114) 22+"intercom"
The University of Sheffield         Int'l: +44-114-22+"intercom"   
United Kingdom S1 3JD               Fax:   +44-114-2731729

Email: COP95CHT@sheffield.ac.uk

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