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Re: Linux, FAT32 and a mighty odd MBR.

Dale Harrison <dth@cns.aust.com> writes:

> So, I guess I'm throwing this out to you guys, is this a Windows problem?
> A Debian problem? A LILO problem? A FAT32 problem? 
> Any suggestions for fixing?

I have a box with Win95 (FAT32), and Linux. To boot, I use a
bootmanager called OSBS, which in use and operation looks and feels
much like OS/2's bootmanager. The latest version is 20b8 if I'm not

It is fairly simple to use and install (it even has a function to make
a backup of the existing MBR), and I have then installed lilo on the
partition I boot linux from, and the Win95 partition works fine as

The install program marks the FAT32 partitions as "unknown", though,
but I haven't had any problems wth it yet (two months or so).

 SSM - Stig Sandbeck Mathisen
  Trust the Computer, the Computer is your Friend

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