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Re: perl and ISO-8859-1

Þann 02-Nov-97 skrifar Pere Camps:
>       Ok. I've checked and it looks like everything's ok. In fact, after
> setting LC_ALL to es_ES, perl doesn't complain any more.
  That makes sense, LC_ALL will override your setting of LC_CTYPE.

>       Now, it's bash. ;)
  Try converting to bash from hamm.

>       I used to be able to type accented characters in the command
> line, and now I'm not able to do so. I have LC_ALL set to es_ES and
> LC_CTYPE set to ISO_8859_1... anyway, you're not supposed to have accented
> filenames so it really doesn't matter. Thanks for your help.
  I've got a lot of accented filenames, a directory named "bókhald",
etc :-) No problems.

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