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Re: Unidentified subject!

Daniel J. Mashao wrote,
:> I am running a Pentium system with a PS/2 Mouse port.  I am unfamiliar with
:> Linux and cannot get my mouse to respond.  I am just a newbie... Could
:> someone please tell me a little about how linux locates and assigns
:> resources for a mouse?

:You probably need to compile ps/2 mouse support in the kernel. I would
:think that ps/2 mouse support should be included in the default kernel but
:I guess its not. 

ps/2 support is compiled as a loadable module under Debian's
default kernel.  Try
as root.

psaux (port for ps/2 mouse) should be enabled thru

This should enable the support for ps/2 mouse without the
need to reboot your system (cool!! :-).

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