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Re: Trouble with resc1440.bin on new Ultra DMA IDE motherboard

>> Hello, I've been using debian for about two years now, for work and
>> home, and this is my first post ever...
>> A friend of mine enrolled in some programming classes and just bought
>> himself a new computer.  We were putting the system together last night
>> and I ran into a serious problem while trying to install linux.  The
>> debian boot disk (resc1440.bin from 1997-10-13 and 1997-08-01) died just
>> after the kernel was loaded and booting, after about 10 kernel boot
>> messages the system rebooted itself (too quick to read just what the
>> last messages were, maybe PCI stuff).  The system is an AMD K6 200Mhz,
>> Iwill P55XB2 motherboard, 64Mb, 4.3Gb IBM Ultra DMA IDE drive.  I
>> thought that the new IDE might have trouble with linux while we were
>> buying the hardware, but I never would have guessed that linux would
>> blow up like that.  Has anybody seen this behavior with the debian
>> disks,
>> or linux before?  Has anyone tried the new Ultra DMA with linux?


 I've done two installs (1.3.1, Cheapbytes CDs) without any problems on
 UDMA machines. One was with QDI motherboard and Fujitsu harddisk, and
 another was an Intel Anchorage mobo with 4,3GB IBM hdd. All UDM, and 
 enabled. If you suspect, that UDMA is the cause, then disable it in the 
 BIOS setup. There might be som ether cause also, for example the QDI mb
 boot again, if it can't find a partition with 'Activated' flag = No partition active.	
>> Also the BIOS PCI device listing has something called "Serial Bus
>> Controller", I have never seen this before, strangly it shares the same
>> interupt with the video card (Matrox Millenium II), I assume this is
>> part of the Intel 430TX chipset, but have used the TX before, any
>> idea?

 That is the USB controller. You might want to try to disable it, and see if
 it helps. In generally disable or take out everything you don't need. 

 Seems that the kernel probes for something that triggers a reboot. 

>> Gerald Turner


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