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php with mysql support

Has anyone got a debian package or suitable binary&module of
phpfi with mysql support? The debian package doesn't include it
for licensing reasons (mysql is non-free) but I've spent hours and
hours trying to recompile it myself and I'm about ready to throw my computer
through the window ...

Recompiling the php from original source, I tell it I want an Apache
module for ELF dynamic loading, and all I get is libphp.a, not a .so.
Editing the php package Makefile, I can include mysql support (I think);
the final module either complains that it can't find mysql_connect,
or it tries to segfault the whole server.

I need PHP with some database support to try out pts, a problem
tracking database. pts supports msql, mysql, and Postgresql;
the first two are non-free so they won't be in the PHP module, and we don't
even have a package of the third yet do we?

When I use just a php.cgi binary, Apache tells me I can't post into
.phtml files, which IS support.

Please help, I'm on the secondary storey and the computer won't survive ..
Hamish Moffatt, StudIEAust              hamish@debian.org, hmoffatt@mail.com
Student, computer science & computer systems engineering.    3rd year, RMIT.
http://hamish.home.ml.org/ (PGP key here)             CPOM: [*****     ] 58%
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