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concerning installing Debian Linux on IBM Thinkpad 365XD

I've been trying to install Debian Linux on my IBM Thinkpad 365XD.  After
creating and booting with the rescue disk (rsc1440.bin) I get the usual
booting message consisting of the Debian disclaimer and such and then the
boot prompt.  I just hit enter to continue booting and I get this happening
  Loading linux............

at which point it freezes.  It even gets to the next line but completely
locks up my computer there (no alt-ctrl-del).  I then tried that exact
rescue disk on another pentium desktop on which it ran fine.

In any case, I can use loadlin successfully to boot up and install Debian
(which I currently have done)  but when I get LILO installed it does the
same thing, produces the same error as the above.  Any clues?

So...as you can tell, the only way I can get into my linux box is by using
loadlin (which sucks)

Rocky Burt     100025668

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