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Re: mp3 players

On Wed, 29 Oct 1997, Paul Miller wrote:

> what is the best mp3 (layer 3) player (in terms of least CPU usuage)?

I have a P75 system. The mp3 players I have used are:

l3dec in combination with wavplay or (self-compiled) bplay with a 2MB
- used about 70% CPU and without the 2MB buffer I had to be really careful
  to keep the system from swapping a lot

splay, which has no (or a vey small) internal buffer and can't pipe into a
wav player
- used about 60% CPU and performed very badly when the system was doing a
  lot of disk access

mpg123, with a 2B internal buffer (command line option)
- used about 40% CPU and can stand a lot of disk access going on, but
  without the internal buffer it performs not as good

The buffers mentioned are used to store decoded sound data before playing
it, so that there is 2MB of already-decoded data to play when the decoder
can't do anything for a short period of time (because the kernel is doing
a lot of swapping, for example).

You can imagine that I would recommend mpg123.


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