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Re: Problems with inbound ppp

On Mon, Oct 27, 1997 at 11:46:14PM +0000, Pere Camps wrote:
> 	I am not able to set up my Linux box as a ppp server (just one ppp
> line). It looks like pppd is assigning it's IP address to the client.
> 	The server's IP address is, and the clients' should
> be
> ===CUT===
> 	options.ttyS2
> ===CUT===
> # If you need to set up multiple serial lines then copy
> # this file to
> # options.<ttyname>	for each tty with a modem on it.
> #
> # The options.tty file will assign an IP address to each PPP connection
> # as it comes up. They must all be distinct!
> #
> # Example:
> # options.ttyS1		for com2 under DOS.
> #
> # Edit the following line so that the first IP address
> # mentioned is the ip address of the serial port while the second
> # is the IP address of your host
> #
> # I usually use the convention bbs + dash + last 2 character of
> # the ttyname to refer to serial ports.
> # For example servername_s1 for ttyS1 on server "servername"
> #bbs-s1:bbs
> ===CUT===

I had this problem too. The text and example in options.ttyXX
appears to be incorrect; they should be the other way around.
(At least, that fixed it for me). This file is only mentioned
but not documented in ppp(8). I filed a bug report.

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