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guavac: no documentation

I have decided to learn Java.  Debian comes with a package, guavac,
which is apparently a Java development environment.

I say apparently because it is undocumented.  That is, there is no
documentation in the /usr/doc/guavac directory, just copyright and
changelog information.  There's no man page.  There *is* a file named
/usr/info/guavac.info.gz, but 

	info guavac

doesn't work.  If I explicitly type

	info /usr/info/guavac

then I get a *different* error message, but I still can't see the
docs.  Checking further, I discover that the file is 109 bytes long,
presumably too short to actually contain any documentation.  I hate
the stupid info format anyway:  what's wrong with the man page format?
Info is opaque and hard to use, but has the advantage of being
obscure.  (Sorry, I'll turn off the "rant" circuit now.)

Anyway:  are there any better Linux development tools for a Java
beginner?  Are there any guavac docs that actually have information in
them?  Should I reinstall guavac to get the docs working?

I will appreciate any help.  Thank you.
Carl Fink		carlf@dm.net
Manager, Dueling Modems Computer Forum

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