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Re: mounting /var/spool/mail

On 25-Oct-97 Jason Killen wrote:
> Ok sorry for my non-well formed question.
> /etc/exports line looks like this (names and faces have been changed)
> / (rw,root_squash,map_daemon)
> In this example I have exported the root directory of the server to the
> machine
> with the given ip, thats right...right.  
> On the client I say
> mount /mntpnt 
> when I cd to /mntpnt/var/spool/mail and say ls the directory is empty. 
> On
> the server /var/spool/mail is full of files.

Tine to shine the bright lights in the eyes and start asking nasty
questions to your system:

For instance, after you have done "mount /mntpnt",
what do you get from "ls /mntpnt"? "ls /mntpnt/var"? "ls /mntpnt/var/spool"?

The same questions if you DON'T mount ? Do you by any chance
have a directory /mntpnt/var/spool/mail on the local machine which happens
to be empty? Check (using the unadorned command "mount") that you DON'T
have the remote root directory mounted before doing this test.

I notice that the "mount" command you cite does not include any options.
Normally, at the very least you would say

   mount -t nfs /mntpnt

unless you have an entry for /mntpnt in /etc/fstab which says that the
default filesystem type for mounting to /mntpnt is "nfs".

The behaviour you describe is consistent with (a) failure to mount to /mntpnt with the "mount /mntpnt" command,
together with (b) having a local directory /mntpnt/var/spool/mail which is

Good luck,

E-Mail: Ted Harding <Ted.Harding@nessie.mcc.ac.uk>
Date: 25-Oct-97                                       Time: 10:29:12

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